California State University

California State University

Location – Long Beach, California, United States

The American state University (Cal State or CSU) may be a public university system in American state. Composed of twenty three campuses and eight off-campus centers enrolling 437,000 students with forty four,000 school members and workers, CSU is that the largest four-year public university system within the us. it’s one among 3 public pedagogy systems within the state, with the opposite 2 being the University of American state system and also the American state junior college system. The CSU System is incorporated because the Trustees of the American state State University. The American state State University system headquarters ar at 401 Golden Shore in metropolis, California.

The American state State University was created in 1960 beneath the American state programme for pedagogy, and it’s a right away descendant of the system of American state State traditional colleges.With nearly one hundred,000 graduates annually, the CSU is that the country’s greatest producer of bachelor’s degrees. The university system conjointly sustains quite one hundred fifty,000 jobs among the state, and its connected expenditures reach quite $17 billion annually.

In the 2011-12 school year, CSU awarded fifty two p.c of new issued American state teaching credentials, forty seven p.c of the state’s engineering degrees, twenty eight p.c of the state’s info technology bachelor’s degrees, and it had additional graduates in business (50 percent), agriculture (72 percent), communication studies, health (53 percent), education, and public administration (52 percent) than all different universities and schools in American state combined. Altogether, concerning 1/2 the bachelor’s degrees, simple fraction of the master’s degrees, and nearly 2 p.c of the academic degree degrees awarded annually in American state ar from the CSU.

Furthermore, the CSU is one among the highest lecturers within the us of graduates United Nations agency go to earn their hydrogen ion concentration.D. degrees in an exceedingly connected field. Since 1961, nearly 3 million alumni have received their bachelor’s, master’s, or academic degree degrees from the CSU system. CSU offers quite one,800 degree programs in some 240 subject areas.

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